Top 10 Business Directories

Top 10 Business Directories

Having a consistent presence on the internet is one of the most important things you can do for your small business.

It is not enough to be found. You need to present a professional online front for your business that is consistent, clear and helpful to your website visitors.

Clear Directory listings for a Small Business are one of the ways you can tell Australian search users that you mean business.

A consistent presence across high ranking directory sites will:

  • Improve brand awareness
  • Boost search engine ranking
  • Increase traffic to your website

If you are eager to see your small business grow online, you need to be found.

You need to present clear, consistent messages to your site users and potential customers. Brand awareness is very important these days if you are going to compete online against major companies.

A directory with a high Domain Authority, and local to your own business (In this case Australian local directories) is one of the most effective ways to level the playing field for small business.

Submitting your business to free local Australian directories not only helps people find you but these free Australian Directories will also allow you to place a link on their site which will boost your search engine traffic.

Local search directories also provide some limited but important search engine optimisation for small business. High ranking Australian local directory websites are crawled regularly by Googles bots.

This means your listing is likely to be picked up very quickly.

Often called “Local Citations”, these directory listings allow you to present a consistent NP (Name, address and phone number) across all sites.

This is something that Google considers when ranking a small business. The key is consistency.

Every local business that wants to increase brand awareness and gain some authority and boost in Google search engine should place their small business on the most relevant and authoritative directories available in their local area.



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Each of these listings has a high domain authority and good traffic from the major search engines.

They are capable of:

  • Improving brand awareness
  • Boosting traffic almost instantly
  • Building valuable backlinks to your website
  • Improving your small business reputation

Best of all, these business directory listings are free.

We recommend completing as many directory listings as you can for your business, provided they are relevant to your industry.